• Neil Bilodeau from SAF T Auto Center
  • Mike Detor from Detor Automotive
  • Cindy Reason from The Front End Shop


Jason Rainey
Vice President 
NAPA Autocare

Joelle Pollak 
Director of Sales & Marketing 
NAPA Autocare


Hosted by the NAPA AutoCare Team in Atlanta and powered by preferred partner KUKUI. This two-day business conference will include general sessions, various breakout seminars, a tradeshow and virtual vendor booths. Shop owners attending this meeting will learn the key program elements of NAPA AutoCare and share best practices for today, as we build for tomorrow.

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12:00 PM Eastern

Opening Session - NAPA Business and Industry Update

Kevin Herron, Bret Robyck - Automotive Parts Group

Join Automotive Parts Group (NAPA) President, Kevin Herron and Sr. Vice President of (NAPA) Commercial Sales, Bret Robyck to discover how NAPA is moving the business towards tomorrow. In this session, Kevin will take you through a NAPA partnership update while Bret will provide the latest industry trends and takeaways.

12:45 PM Eastern

Break - Sponsored by Carlyle Tools

1:00 PM Eastern

Track A: 10 Top Proven Marketing Methods

Jimmy Lea - KUKUI

Studies report an astounding open rate of 98% for text messaging! And, 90% of those are read within 3 minutes. Come see why Text Messaging is the best way to stay in contact with your customer's.

Track B: Alignment with Today’s NEW Consumer Shopping Behavior

Rob Infantino - Openbay/Otis

Consumer expectations are changing, seemingly overnight. There are steps you can take now to win online consumers and
convert them into customers. Stay ahead of the competition now, and for the


1:30 PM Eastern

Break - Sponsored by NAPA Air Compressors

1:45 PM Eastern

Track A: NAPA's Strategy for Bringing You New 
Customers & Streamlining

Jon Ellsworth, Joelle Pollak - NAPA AutoCare

Understand the digital enhancements to your NAPA AutoCare Member Site and what we’re doing to drive customers into your shop.

Track B: State of Digital Marketing 2020!

Aric Toboleski - OSM
Lauren Briggs - NAPA AutoCare

Learn how NAPA AutoCare is utilizing social media to drive customers to your bays and how you can implement on a local level. Your Google My Business (GMB) listing has been ranked as the #1 most important driver of
revenue for a local business. Facebook and Yelp are both following suit and with Gen Z entering the marketplace we must learn to be online innovators!



2:15 PM Eastern

Break - Sponsored by CRC

2:30 PM Eastern

General Session - Painting Vegas Blue & Gold - NAPA EXPO 2021

Gaylord Spencer - NAPA

NAPA EXPO 2021 will be the largest private
automotive aftermarket event ever! Re-engage the excitement with the latest
updates on entertainment, seminars, registration site, as well as learn how
NAPA is going to provide a safe experience.

3:00 PM Eastern

Break - Sponsored by Clore Automotive

3:15 PM Eastern

Track A: DVI Made Easy! Powered by AutoServe1

Jamie Cuthbert - AutoServe1

Learn how NAPA AutoCare Centers have improved their customer experience to build trust and grow their average ticket sales 22%!

Track B: Shifting Gears for a Stronger Digital Presence

Rich Mullen, Jason Alfano - Netdriven

Digital reliance is at a high and consumers now expect the ability to engage with your
business digitally. In this session, explore the value of ecommerce and a touch-free payment option integrated into your website, and build customer trust while ensuring digital accessibility.




3:45 PM Eastern

Break - Sponsored by CRC SmartWasher

4:00 PM Eastern

Track A: A Budget Friendly Way to Keep Your Customer's Vehicle on the Road

Eric Braeckel - Synchrony/NAPA EasyPay

Learn how high performing shops integrate financing into the customer experience. NAPA AutoCare Centers will take away actionable items to implement in your shop processes immediately.

Track B: Take The Risk Out Of Fleet Accounts

Jeff Leavitt - cbCharge

The FAST and EASY way to accept fleet invoice payments and help grow your business. Learn how cbCharge handles all up-front credit work and improves your cash flow with next day payments.



4:30 PM Eastern

Break - Sponsored by Coats

4:45 PM Eastern

Day 1 Wrap-up


12:00 PM Eastern

Opening Session - Maximizing Your Membership

Jason Rainey - NAPA AutoCare

Understand the vision & maximize the opportunities of NAPA AutoCare. In this session, we will take you through our current and long-term strategies.

12:30 PM Eastern

Break - Sponsored by Carlyle Tools

12:45 PM Eastern

Track A: Gold Certified

Jon Ellsworth - NAPA AutoCare

In this session, Jon will take a deep dive into
NAPA AutoCare’s premier tier launched at the end of 2018. Learn how to get the most out of your NAPA AutoCare membership for today and tomorrow.

Track B: Use Technology to Unlock Your Business Potential

Jon Luttrell - NAPA TRACS

Your shop is a complex system of moving parts working together towards a goal. Just like an engine, proper timing is key for maximum performance. Learn the many tools and integration capabilities available through
NAPA TRACS to help you and your team drive more business.


1:15 PM Eastern

Break - Sponsored by CRC

1:30 PM Eastern

Track A: Build Your Marketing Calendar & Get National Support with NAPA AutoCare Sales Drivers

Joelle Pollak - NAPA Sales Drivers

Joelle Pollak is the Director of Sales and Marketing for NAPA AutoCare. Learn how you can bring national promotions and marketing to your local area. Leverage all marketing channels to gain new customers.

Track B: The Power of Partnership – AAA & NAPA

Kathleen Jarosik - 
Xpertech Auto Repair

Bob Kazmierczak - 
AAA Club Alliance

Emmee Terry – AAA National Office

Learn about what the AAA brand could mean for your business.






2:00 PM Eastern

Break - Sponsored by Homak

2:15 PM Eastern

The Road to Success Doesn't Have to be Traveled Alone

Donnie Hudson, Damian Sharbowski, Kristi Hudson,
Carm Capriotto - BDG

Hear from the Northern Detroit Chapter Business Development Group on how they work together as one through participating in
their community, sharing assets and train together. Being independent doesn’t
mean standing alone.

2:45 PM Eastern

Break - Sponsored by Valvoline

3:00 PM Eastern

Track A: Building the Next Generation of Technicians to Keep the Wrenches Turning in Your Shop 

Pete McNeil, Jake Sorensen - McNeil's AutoCare

It is no secret finding a technician for hire these days is not easy. Take action to solve this industry problem with NAPA AutoCare’s 9 stage program and cultivate your own A+ technician.

Track B: Make an Impression from the Outside, In, with PROimage

Emily Beetler - NAPA PROimage

It’s the entire consumer experience, from beginning to end, that really counts. Establish the essential building blocks of a successful co-branded partnership that leads to increased consumer confidence and a strong culture. NAPA AutoCare’s Brand Specialist Emily Beetler will provide you with the tools that inspires successful marketing, employee engagement and customer retention.



3:30 PM Eastern

Break - Sponsored by Milwaukee

3:45 PM Eastern

Cocktails with Carm

Carm Capriotto – Host of Remarkable Results Radio

Join Carm Capriotto as we honor our 2020 NAPA AutoCare Center, Technician and Parts Specialist of the Year. Reflect on the
last 2 days during a conference wrap-up.


Kevin Herron
President & COO

Kevin Herron began his career in Syracuse, New York, as a Management Trainee, before becoming the Area Manager.  In 2010, Kevin became the Division Vice President of Midwest Operations. Genuine Parts Company recognized Kevin in 1998, as District Manager of the Year and again in 2011, as Manager of the Year. In 2014, Automotive Parts Group promoted Kevin to Group Senior Vice President at its Headquarters office in Atlanta, where he became responsible for four automotive divisions and various departments within the HQ operation. In 2018, Kevin took on the responsibilities of NAPA Mexico and was promoted to Executive Vice President of APG. Kevin was promoted to President, Automotive Parts Group on January 1st 2019.

Bret Robyck
Sr. Vice President of Commercial Sales

Bret Robyck has an extensive history with Automotive Parts Group. He began his career at the Cleveland OH D.C. as a Territory Sales Manager in 1992.  He then moved to NAPA Charleston in 1998 as the DC Service/Ops Manager.  In 2003, he was promoted to the General Manager of NAPA Miami and lead that team to a Triple Crown. In 2004, Bret became President of Johnson Industries in Atlanta, GA, a subsidiary of Genuine Parts Co. After leading the divestiture of that business unit in 2008, he moved to NAPA Headquarters as VP of NAPA Wholesale Sales, which included leadership of the NAPA AutoCare program. In 2016 Bret moved back to Ohio as the Central Division Vice President. After a Triple Crown as the Central Division Vice President, Bret was promoted to SVP of Commercial Sales for NAPA in 2020. Bret received his bachelor’s degree in Business at Liberty University.

Jimmy Lea
The Product Evangelist

With more than 15 years experience in sales and business development for software-as-a-service, financial services as well as hardware products, Jimmy embodies the fabric of the independent automotive industry. Jimmy is a true family man; he loves to spend time with his three children. Outside of the office, Jimmy enjoys the outdoors and breathing fresh air on the mountain trails. Jimmy also enjoys Ballroom Dancing, SCUBA Diving, Triathlons, and camping with the family.

Rob Infantino
Founder and CEO

Rob Infantino is the founder and CEO of Openbay, an award-winning online marketplace for automotive repair and services and a provider of SaaS-based solutions for the automotive care industry. Prior to Openbay, Rob founded three enterprise software companies. He has always enjoyed working on his own cars, performing everything from transmission replacements to engine rebuilds, and has spent time working in a pit crew on modified stock cars. Rob holds a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Connecticut. A noted authority on vehicle repair, interviews with Rob has appeared
in the Wall Street Journal, The Economist, BBC Autos, and the Boston Globe, among others.

Joelle Pollak
Director, Sales and Marketing 

Joelle started her career in the Executive Management Trainee program with Genuine Parts Company in 2014. She worked in the Buffalo, NY Distribution Center where she learned the ins and outs of NAPA. Upon completion of the EMT program, Joelle moved to Syracuse, NY where she took on the Sales Manager role, working with the DC Sales Team and Independent NAPA Owners, until she was called down to Atlanta to become the AutoCare Program Manager in 2018. She was promoted to Director of Sales and Marketing in January 2020.

Jon Ellsworth
Director of Program

Jon Ellsworth is the Director of Program
Development for NAPA AutoCare where he
manages, assembles and negotiates the
NAPA AutoCare offerings. Jon started in
the NAPA AutoCare Department in October
2015, overseeing the PROimage program
and quickly transitioned into a
development/strategy role. Jon works
closely with the NAPA AutoCare Advisory
Council to pursue their top initiatives.
Before joining NAPA in 2015, Jon was the
Vice President of operations at AutoNetTV.

Aric Toboleski
Director of Operations

Expert in digital marketing –
specializing in the automotive industry.
Aric has been working with repair shops
since 2001 on websites, search engine
optimization, social media and more!

Lauren Briggs
Sales & Marketing Specialist - NAPA

Lauren joined the NAPA family in 2014
as an inventory replenishment specialist.
She moved to the NAPA AutoCare team
in 2017 where she is currently the Sales
& Marketing Specialist handling social
media and digital efforts.

Gaylord Spencer
Sr. Vice President of NAPA Marketing

Gaylord Spencer, Senior Vice President of
Marketing, joined NAPA Headquarters in 1990. He has been in the auto parts business for over 35 years, working in all aspects of marketing activities from advertising to promotions to in-store POS and merchandising. As Senior Vice President of Marketing, he oversees all aspects of NAPA’s marketing programs, including brand positioning, digital marketing, research, meetings and communication, as well as sponsorships, throughout
North America.

 Jason Alfano
Director of Product Development

Jason Alfano, Director of Product Development, has over 10 years of experience working in internet marketing and website development. The last seven of which with Net Driven. He joined the Net Driven team as a Client Relationship Manager and moved to Product Development in 2014.

Rich Mullen
Director of Business Development

Rich Mullen joined Net Driven in 2012 as a Client Relationship Manager and moved into the Director of Business Development role in 2017. Rich is responsible for the management of Net Driven’s OEM and wholesale distributor partner programs.

Jamie Cuthbert
Founder and CEO

Jamie Cuthbert has helped thousands of
shops improve their customer experience
by educating customers with an easy-to-use DVI. With now over 6,000,000 inspections completed – shops have increased revenues an average of 22%.

Eric Braeckel
AVP - Sales

With 11 Years of Sales Experience, 5 of which have been with the NAPA EasyPay program, Eric has plenty of experience working with NAPA AutoCare Centers. He is a leader within the Automotive segment of the private label credit card industry. Eric has a depth of expertise in using financing to obtain additional recommended services and a strong awareness of the shifts occurring in both the automotive industry and its customers.

Jeff Leavitt
 Vice President

Jeff Leavitt has been providing capital and financing solutions to the automotive and heavy-duty repair industry since 1999. Jeff has been instrumental in growing the repair shop industry accounts receivable product from 60 million in 2001 to over 1 billion annually. Jeff believes that cash flow is one of the most important factors to running any successful repair shop and cbCharge helps shops improve cash flow while selling to more fleets.

Jason Rainey
Vice President

Jason Rainey is the Vice President of
NAPA AutoCare. He currently sits on
the Automotive Service Excellence
(ASE) Board as well as the Automotive
Maintenance & Repair Association
Board where he works to keep the best
interest of independent repair facilities in

Jon Luttrell
G.M Sales

Jon Luttrell is a second generation NAPA Employee. Joining the Echlin Manufacturing company in 1989, Jon worked as a Sales Representative and later as the National Training Manager. Jon moved to NAPA TRACS in 1997 as a TRACS Sales Representative. Over the next 22 years, Jon worked on various aspects of the business including Sales Management of the Team, Customer Training as well as Product Design. He has spent his career working with dealer customers to get the most of out the tools that they have available to them.  

Kathleen Jarosik
Owner - Xpertech Auto Repair

Kathleen purchased her shop in 2009, Xpertech Auto Repair, after having spent 6 years prior managing the payroll, accounts payable and paperwork involving the operations of the business. In 2009, she became a NAPA AutoCare Center and began utilizing the extensive benefits and training network to learn and grow in the industry. In 2018, Kathleen earned the prestigious Female Shop Owner of the Year award from Women in Auto Care. This year, Kathleen’s shop became the only AAA Approved Auto Repair in their area improving Xpertech Auto Repairs image and bottom line.

Pete McNeil

Pete McNeil is the Owner of 2 Gold Certified NAPA AutoCare Centers. His Sandy UT shop is the 2020 National AutoCare Center of the Year and was the 2019 Mountain Division AutoCare Center of the Year. In 2018 McNeils was awarded the APEX Business Partner of the Year from Canyons School District. Pete also owns McNeils AAA Towing & truDigital (Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies).

Jake Sorenson
Lead Technician, 2019 NAPA/ASE
Technician of the Year

Jake Sorensen is the 2019 NAPA ASE Technician of the Year and 2019 Ratchet + Wrench All Star Shop Worker of the Year. He is an ASE Master Technician with L1,2 and 3 advanced level certifications. Jake and Pete McNeil developed an Apprenticeship Program that is registered with the U.S. Department of Labor, which has graduated several high performing automotive technicians. NAPA AutoCare used this program as a template for their new Apprenticeship Program. Jake also developed the curriculum for an automotive course that he teaches at an adult education high school.

Emily Beetler
Program Brand Specialist

Emily Beetler has been a team member of the NAPA family for 19 years. She has worked in Human Resources, Tools & Equipment, Brakes and Filters and the last 10 years in the AutoCare Department. She is the Program Brand Specialist and manages the PROimage and Gold Certified Programs. Her passion is helping the Small Business Owner grow & compete in their market.

Bob Kazmierczak
Director, Approved Auto Repair & CSN Central and Great Plains Regions, AAA Club Alliance

Bob Kazmierczak has been in the automotive service and repair industry for the last 39 years, focusing in the areas of management, and service management of auto repair facilities. In January 2016, he accepted the role of Director of Automotive Products and Service Development. The new position a result of three AAA Clubs merging into one now called AAA Club Alliance. Bob’s roles include the oversight of the Approved Auto Repair Program in the AAA Club Alliance 13 States, and the Contractor Service Network in the States of Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, West Virginia, Kansas, Oklahoma, and South Dakota, as well as working on new projects and with the AAA National Automotive Engineering Team. He also serves on the following boards: Owens Community College Automotive Advisory Board, Penta Vocational School Automotive Advisory Board, Wood County Safe Communities Coalition, Better Business Bureau of Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan Board of Directors and Executive Board, also Drive Ohio Workforce Development Team.

Carm Capriotto
Host of Remarkable Results Radio

Carm is proud to help thousands of aftermarket professionals achieve their own remarkable results through this very powerful medium. Carm admires the extremely successful service professional. “There is an entrepreneurial spirit there that makes them stand out.” As an award-winning aftermarket podcaster, he has not only spotlighted the hard-working service professional, he has interviewed aftermarket business coaches, trainers, technicians, educators, students, association executives, female shop owners and husband and wife shop owners.

Emmee Terry
Marketing Manager

Emmee joined AAA National in 2017, as Automotive Marketing Manager, where she is responsible for cultivating strategic partnerships that strengthen the AAA brand and contractor network. Through co-branding and cross promotional efforts, Emmee and her team develop programs that foster AAA’s 100 years of automotive leadership and reputation as a most trusted brand, which translate into increased business viability opportunities for AAA contractors. 

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